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Day 1: Shed a Bitter Tear

"If seven maids with seven mops

Swept it for half a year.

Do you suppose, the Walrus said,

That they could get it clear?

I doubt it, said the Carpenter,

And shed a bitter tear."

Welcome back thirsty readers. I know it's been awhile, but I couldn't think of a better time to share some cocktails with everyone. I'm sure we could use them. As of last night, restaurants and bars were forced to close their doors, unsure when , and if, they will reopen again. I wish i could say this was a unique problem only facing us here in New Orleans, but this is global. We are about to see the entire restaurant landscape, as we know it, changed forever. The overall fear is so hard to comprehend right now. This is completely unprecedented, and many of us fear we will never again be able to live the lives we've come to know.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not a government official. I'm a bartender. Since I can't make cocktails for any of you at the moment, I've decided to share a cocktail recipe every day during this quarantine. My hope is to help break the cabin fever for anyone looking to become their own bartender, taking a little piece of us with you, wherever you are. Though I'd love to help keep your spirits high, with something wacky and tropical, I felt it only appropriate to start this series with Shed a Bitter Tear.

This cocktail was inspired by a passage from The Walrus and the Carpenter. To me, this is a cocktail signifies the beginning of something life changing for all of us. Please enjoy, but do so responsibly.

Shed a Bitter Tear

1.5oz Lavender/Earl Grey Gin

1oz Dolin Blanc

.5oz Zirbenz

.25oz Fernet Branca

3 drops Saline solution

1 dash Falernum bitters

Stir and strain into a chilled coupe.

No Garnish required.

Lavender-Early Grey Gin

750ml London Dry Gin

.5oz Loose leaf Earl Grey

.25oz Dried Lavender

Combine and allow to steep 30 minutes before fine straining.

You'll notice this is a very bitter and spirit-forward cocktail. I have a feeling, that's how many of us feel at the moment. Moving forward, I hope to post a wide variety of cocktails over the next few weeks, and perhaps longer. We are still here, if you need us, with drinks, jokes, and a little extra compassion than ever before. Until tomorrow, keep your head up, and keep shaking.

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