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Day 4: Three Mile Island

Welcome back everyone! I sure hope you're thirsty, because today's drink is a real refresher. It's only the fourth day without bars, and I can it's taking a toll on everyone. It's easy to sometimes forget about another time when going out for a drink wasn't exactly accessible. For thirteen long years, Americans either went without alcohol, or they became very creative in their pursuits, This is the story of one such visionary, who lived just outside of the law.

Under the terms of the Eighteenth Amendment, the prohibition of alcohol began on January 17, 1920. This was a heavy blow to most citizens, but a huge business opportunity to one man from Syracuse, New York. His name was Bill McCoy. During Prohibition, rum runners set up shop three miles from U.S. shores known as Rum Row. What made Bill's rum running different, was his honesty. McCoy never cut his rum with any additives or lengtheners, garnering his the reputation of "the Real McCoy." So much of the spirits be produced and smuggled were destroyed or confiscated, but Bill kept shipped in the rum. It was said that "when the country went dry, Bill irrigated it." As prohibition came towards an end, the law finally caught up with him. Though he was able to stay on on bail for a considerable time, Bill did eventually spend nine months in a New Jersey prison. With his smuggling days behind him, he lived to the age of 71, dying of a heart attack in 1948. Most people don't know the tale of Rum Runner Bill, but most will still hear the phrase "The Real McCoy."

Three Mile Island

2oz The Real McCoy 3yr, or other lightly aged Barbados Rum

1oz Falernum

.5oz Lime Juice

1oz Pineapple Juice

.5 Whole Fresh Banana

1 Strawberry

Large stemmed cocktail glass (snifter, wine glass, hurricane, etc.)

In blender combine all ingredients with 2 cups of crushed ice.

Blend until fully incorporated.

Garnish with mint sprigs, lime hull, and parasol.

Note: crushed ice is important for the consistency of this cocktail. If you don't make frozen drinks often, now is the perfect time to get to know your blender.

What better way is there to feel like you're on your own tropical island, than a frozen cocktail? I know this vacation wasn't planned, but breaking out the blender is certainly a good way to pass the time. So try out the Three Mile Island, and imagine you're somewhere less stressful. Our worries aren't going away, but we can always pause them for just a moment. I need to clean up this mess, and you have a cocktail to make. I'll be back tomorrow with another libation to keep you shaking. Cheers!

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