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Day 7: Strictly Heartical

There are so many phrases that put us into a particular mindset. They could be attached to happy memories, or a time when everything just felt perfect.In Jamaican Patois, Heartical simply translates to "from the heart." Welcome to day seven of this home-bound situation. So many memories keep flooding back lately, probably because of this surge of downtime. Today's cocktail reminds me of a place which holds so many joyous memories for me, the island of Jamaica.

Jamaica holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, but mostly I remember it as the place I truly fell in love with the wonderful world of rum. There's one memory in particular that makes me think of this drink, and being in a happy mindset. A little over a year ago, I took a trip to Kingston to do some promotional work for a particular rum brand. I was scheduled to shoot some instructional cocktail videos at the bartending academy in Kingston. My first night in town, a good friend took me to what would become one of my favorite places I had ever been. We started off by driving up into the mountains, heading up winding roads that just seemed to circle the mountain as we drove. Once we arrived at the top, we parked and began the journey down to Dub Club. We walked down paths zig-zagging through the greenery. Once we got to the opening, I was greeted with a sight like no other. Dub Club is an open-air space with a DJ booth, a small bar, and breath-taking views overlooking Kingston below. I've never seen a DJ control a space so well in my life. Everything about this place just screamed happiness. We danced, we laughed,and we had such an amazing time. Everything about that night at Dub Club was strictly heartical.

Strictly Heartical

1oz Overproof Jamaican Rum (I used Rum Fire, but for a little less funk, you could use Rum Bar or Wray & Nephew)

1oz Lightly Aged Jamaican Rum (Rum Bar Gold or Hampden Gold work great)

.75oz Orgeat

.75oz Cinnamon Syrup

.5oz Lime Juice

.5oz Lemon Juice

1oz Pineapple Juice

Tiki Mug

Whip shake and pour unstrained.

Top with crushed ice.

Garnish with pineapple fronds, citrus wheels, and a flower.

Cinnamon Syrup

2 cups Water

2 cups Sugar

4 Cinnamon Sticks

Bring ingredients to a boil then remove from heat.

Allow to cool then refrigerate overnight.

Strain out cinnamon sticks and use.

This one should keep you feeling very tropical, even though you're stuck at home. I even wore a shirt that matches my drink today! You could say we are in full vacation mode in this house. I know things aren't exactly where we'd like them right now, but all we can do is make the best of everything. Tomorrow will bring another drink and another story, should you care to listen. I can guarantee they'll continue to be strictly from the heart my friends. Enjoy that Jamaican rum goodness, and keep shaking.

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