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Day 13: Darth Lapu

Welcome back yet again for cocktails, useless facts, and adventure, just without the adventure part. From the far off galaxy of New Orleans, I'm here at my laptop bringing you tropical tipples with a little extra kitsch. We are about two weeks in, and I can just imagine how stir crazy everyone is becoming. Hopefully today's cocktail can help ease your suffering. It's become a slight bit of a tradition for me to combine tropical drinks with another love of mine, the adventure filled world of Star Wars.

Strangely enough, I haven't been watching much television during this whole thing. Posting these drinks and staying active around the house has kept me fairly busy during the day. Today is going to be different. I decided it was a good day to sit back, cook some food, and watch a few installments of my favorite film franchise. I don't really think the world was ready for the absolute phenomenon Star Wars would become, when the first film premiered in 1977. I first fell in love with creating Star Wars cocktails a few years ago for a themed pop-up. It turns out, the same people who love tiki really really love Star Wars. I guess we tend to flock together. This cocktail was from that very first menu, and it's a tribute to the dark Sith lord himself, Darth Vader. For the name, I wanted to give a nod to the Cheif Lapu Lapu, a mid-century tiki bar staple named for the Filipino cheif who killed Spanish explorer Magellan. Now isn't that wholesome?

Darth Lapu

1oz Cruzan Blackstrap (Yeah, I'm aware that no rum is black. This is a rum-based ingredient, not a rum itself. For more information on black rum, check out this article my friend wrote on Cocktail Wonk.)

1oz Blanc Agricole Rhum (Now that's the good stuff!)

.25oz Don's Spices #2 (Equal parts Vanilla Syrup and Allspice Dram)

.5oz Black Pepper Syrup (Recipe found in

.5oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Pineapple Juice

Darth Vader Mug

Whip shake with a small amount of crushed ice.

Pour unstrained.

Top with crushed ice.

Garnish with pineapple fronds, lemon wheel, and parasol.

The best part about sipping on this drink, you can be like Darth Vader or Chief Lapu Lapu in your mind. Either way, you feel like a total badass. I'm pretty sure that Disney Plus account is calling my name. It looks like we figured out some adventure afterall. My lack of faith was rather disturbing afterall. Until tomorrow, I'll back back, same shaker time, same shaker station.

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