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Day 15: Forgotten Beach

Sometimes, being restless is all we have, until we just accept things. Here we are on this continued vacation-limbo everyone, so welcome to day 15. With two weeks officially behind us, it looks like the end is nowhere in sight. Some of us feel forgotten, and others don't know what to do with a surplus of time on their hands. I found out today the restaurant I work for will not be reopening. This just makes everything feel that much more real. I could really use a getaway, even if it's only in my mind.

We all have that forgotten beach. It's a place we may have completely tossed out of our conscious mind. It's a memory, a far off and distant memory. Then one day, a certain smell is in the breeze, a photo comes across your screen, or perhaps you taste something magical yet familiar. That right there is your forgotten beach. We all have it inside us, as it's kind of a happy place where nothing bad can happen. I've been going there often lately. Today, let's all find our happy place, our forgotten beach.

Forgotten Beach

1.5oz Lightly Aged Jamaican Rum (I originally used Rum Bar Gold for this drink)

.5oz Banana Liqueur (I used Giffard)

.5oz Mango Syrup

.5oz Lime Juice

.5oz Coconut Cream

Double Old Fashioned Glass

Whip shake with crushed ice.

Pour unstrained.

Garnish with mint sprigs, lime hull, and flower.

Mango Syrup

2 parts Mango Nectar (You should be able to find either Goya or Jumex at your local grocery store.)

1 part sugar

Blend until the sugar is fully dissolved.

Take a sip and forget for a moment. We will get through this. I wish could could offer more insight besides a cocktail today, but I suppose that's my contribution during everything. I'll see you tomorrow with another drink, and hopefully more of a story to take our minds off things. For now, just keep calm and shake on. Cheers.

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01. Mai 2020

Rough day. This was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks.

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