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Day 34: Hoth for the Holidays

"There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser!" -Han Solo

Life truly feels like we are living long ago in a galaxy far far away lately. It's now been 34 days since the neons turned off above bars across the country. There seems to be a lot of talks about reopening everything, but most credible experts are warning against what could possibly trigger an even more catastrophic outbreak. It sounds to me like we'd better get comfortable for awhile, so why not pick up that shaker and join me on another Star Wars Sunday adventure!


Hoth, the icy planet and home to the rebel alliance base, was first introduced to the world in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. In the start of the film, Luke Skywalker is riding his tauntaun, but he's suddenly attacked by a wampa, the hulking predators which inhabit Hoth. Luke makes short work of the wampa's arm with a swipe from his lightsaber and is soon free. He arrives back and thaws out just in time for the arrival of The Empire. What follows becomes known as the Battle of Hoth.

Every year, around Christmas time, I usually venture to my icy-planet hometown of Pittsburgh to do a holiday themed tiki popup. The first year, I made this cocktail, inspired by the snow-covered Hoth, Hoth for the Holidays. I didn't realize at the time, but this kinda sparked a tradition where I made a Star Wars Chirstmas drink each year. The funny thing about life-altering events, such as a pandemic, is the yearning to be somewhere familiar and feeling safe. With a heavy heart, I made the difficult decision to trade in my palm trees for bridges, and I'm now writing to you from my family's home in Pittsburgh. We spend so much time in the bar business taking care of everyone around us, making sure they're happy and enjoying their night out. It's rare, at least for me, to pause and think about what "we" want as bartenders. Before this, the world was moving so far around us, we weren't taking a moment to breath and just remember what's important. With a 40 degree drop in temperature from New Orleans to here, I'm still glad to be home, or perhaps Hoth for the Holidays.


Hoth for the Holidays

1oz Aged Barbados Rum (The Real McCoy 5 year)

.75oz Rosemary-Infused Rum Fire (You could use another high-ester over-proof here, but the super-funk levels in Rum Fire make a lovely and unique pairing with the oils in the rosemary.)

.5oz Jannamico Super Punch (Another amaro could be used in place, but it needs to be very rich with a decent sugar content. Jägermeister could work in a pinch, though still different. Super Punch is hard to find in most areas, but it's pretty special)

.5oz Cinnamon Syrup

.5oz Lime Juice

.5oz Grapefruit Juice

Tiki Mug (I didn't have a wampa mug, so I opted for a wookie.)

Whip shake with crushed ice and pour unstrained.

Tops with crushed ice.

Garnish with a lemon peel and the leftover rosemary sprigs from your Rum Fire infusion. Top with powdered sugar, ignite the rum-soaked rosemary, and enjoy having your house smell amazing.

Rosemary Rum Fire

750ml Rum Fire

8 sprigs of rosemary

In a large bowl, cover the rosemary with rum, gently muddling it to release the oils.

Cover and allow to sit for only 2 hours. Over-macerating this infusion with cause the product to come out very bitter.

Strain and enjoy.


Doesn't the Chewbacca mug look like he's shivering in the cold? Be advised, this drink has been known to sneak up on people a bit too well, so don't let yourself be vulnerable to an imaginary wampa attack. Take care of yourselves tonight, wherever you may be. Until we meet again tomorrow, keep shaking.


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