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Day 37: Science Fiction Double Feature

"Cause I've seen blue skies, through the tears in my eyes." I still remember the first time I heard Tim Curry sing those words when he played his iconic role of Frank N. Furter in 1975's The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was 17 years old, and I had no idea how much that musical movie would, in the relatively near future, influence my life. Several years later, I would play the title role in a stage production, gold speedo, shaggy hair and extremely happy it was before social media. Those lyrics hit me differently today.

Welcome back thirsty readers, and I hope you're ready for some more cocktails from home. Today, I really started thinking about all the activities we can't do, and for some reason, movie theaters really stuck out for me. I grew up in a pretty small town, and we had three movie theaters when I was growing as well as a drive-in theater. I thought about how much more often we would go to the theater, watching movies together, it was so much more communal and social. Now everything is streamed into our homes, with immediate access.


The opening number to Rocky Horror is called "Science Fiction Double Feature," recapping the stars of monster-movies from the golden age of the drive-in theater. There seems to be a disconnect between our movie-going habits of today, or lack thereof, and the days of assembling in our cars, to enjoy a good double feature. Maybe there's something about convenience that's made us lose touch with who we used to be as people and as a community.

I get a bit sentimental about the few drive-ins still standing across the country. They stand for a simpler time, a time we can't get back. It reminds me of a time when we thought about someone besides ourselves. Much like a shared tiki bowl, they stood for bringing everyone together for a night out. Those nights were really a treat.


Science Fiction

Double Feature

3oz Jamaican Overproof Rum (I originally made this with Wray & Nephew, but I think the higher-ester cousins would do just fine as well.)

2oz Aged Jamaican Rum (Appleton Reserve)

2oz Aperol

.5oz Allspice Dram

2oz Lime Juice

2oz Pineapple Juice

Popcorn Bowl (or your favorite tiki bowl)

Whip shake and pour unstrained (you might night two shakers for this one)

Garnish with orchids, lime wheels, and any monster-movie props you might have at your disposal.


Nothing brings people together quite like a big bowl of rum. This would be a great opportunity to reach out and call someone you haven't seen in awhile. Make a big bowl of cocktail and watch a movie together from the safety of your own homes. I know I really wish I could be there to make a few rounds for you myself. Let's keep being good to each other today, and keep shaking.


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