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Day 46: Bangarang

"Have to fight. Have to fly. Have to crow.... I've forgotten how to fly." Welcome back, my thirsty thirsty readers, or at least, I still hope you're thirsty. It has been 46 days after all. I certainly hope you haven't lost your sense of wonder, as it's so easy to fall into a negative head-space during such a hard time. I know I've been learning to fly again.

On Day 30, I wrote about Peter Pan and the idea of us, displaced bartenders, being the "lost boys" of the world. I've been thinking a lot about who I was before I was "shaking spirits" for a living. It's hard to think about a time before we had careers. I know I've been remembering what mattered to me before my life revolved around these gasses-of-molasses, which pour into mugs and glasses. (Yeah, I'm that cheesy.) It's easier to think about who we used to be, when that world we know suddenly stops. I'm reminded today of a similar tale about someone who lost their way, and forgot who they were.


In 1991's Hook, the story centers around Peter Banning, played by the great Robin Williams. Banning is a corporate lawyer who's forgotten all about what brings him joy in life. He's so career-focused, he even neglects his own family in the name of business-as-usual. When his children are kidnapped, it's revealed to him, he's actually Peter Pan all grown up. With the help of his former crew of lost boys, he searches deep into his soul, trying to remember who he once was and create that feeling of "bangarang."

After many bumps, bruises, and failed attempts, Peter finds his "happy thought," the memory of his children being born, and memories of his past life as Peter Pan also come flooding back to him. He flies, fights, and crows once more. He saves his children, and vows to never again lose his child-like sense of adventure.

In today's world, it feels like we all put so much pressure on ourselves to be something more. There's this modern "hustle" mentality, telling you not to enjoy things the way you could as a child, as if your best just isn't enough. I know I'm guilty of this myself. It feels like we forget who we are, forget to love, and forget to fly. We all deserve to be our true selves, instead of being told who we're "supposed to" be. We all deserve our own bangarang.



1oz Cocchi Americano (or another high quality bianco-style vermouth)

.75oz 6% Citric Acid Solution

2 dashes Absinthe

Nick & Nora Glass

Stir and strain into chilled glass

Garnish with flower petals.

6% Citric Acid Solution

.6oz Citric Acid Powder (by weight)

9.4oz Water (by weight)

Stir until dissolved.

No need to refrigerate, as this product is non-perishable.


I hope this helped bring back your sense of wonder. Remembering who we are, isn't something we should fear. It's something which should set us free and let our hearts out of their cages. "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting." Let's try and get that back, but let's try not to forget it this time. Take care of yourself today, you past self as well, and keep shaking.


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