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Day 91: Cabin Boy's Fancy

"Dear Lord, I'm about to embark on a brisk walk, the first bit of exercise of my young, privileged life." Some movie lines stick with you more than others. This one feels so real, even if it does come from one of the most ridiculous movies ever made.

Hello again, my thirsty readers, and welcome to Day 91! Ninety-one days, and we are still here. It hard to even remember back to Day 1, when the world began to stand still. So much has happened, yet so much has stopped. I imagine a lot of movies have been watched in the meantime, and I couldn't make it to the end without pulling out one of my all time favorites.


Few films can be considered both brilliant and terrible in the same way as 1994's Cabin Boy. It tells the story of a arrogant and self-centered lad, who has recently graduated from boarding school. He's off to meet his father in Hawaii, to take over the family business, but he ends up on a fishing boat, instead of a cruise ship. The crew doesn't take kindly to the stow-away, and the hardship to follow, shapes him for the better.

Right off the bat, let's just say this movie is beyond ridiculous. The sets are so campy and fake-looking, that they end up being gorgeous at the same time. The story is pretty outrageous too. The main idea though, is that none of it makes sense. The entire thing is a joke. There's not a serious element to the entire movie, and that's what makes it wonderful. Even the opening line on the screen, "Nothing so liberates the heart as when a fool awakes from his folly" lets you know what this movie has in store.

Sometimes, we need to sit back and laugh at ourselves. That line about his "privileged life" really pokes fun at the life experience of being privileged in the first place. Even through the lens of comedy, we can see the most horrible example of a privileged youth change for the better. I think a lot of us can probably see ourselves, and our own sense of entitlement in this character. When we recognize this, we can change for the better. We can learn to grow. If a "fancy lad" can do it, then so can you.


Cabin Boy's Fancy

1oz Aged Guyanese Rum

.5oz Bourbon

.5oz Mezcal

.5oz Vanilla Syrup

.5oz Honey Syrup

.75oz Lime Juice

1oz Pineapple Juice

2 dashes Absinthe

Tiki Mug

Whip shake and pour unstrained.

Top with crushed ice.

Top with Angostura Bitters

Garnish with mint sprigs, parasol, flowers, and freshly grated nutmeg.


Do yourself a favor, and watch Cabin Boy. You might send me a message saying "That was the worst movie I've ever seen." That's my hope, because you still probably laughed at yourself a few times in the process. It's important to laugh, especially when you're the butt of the joke. It's humbling, and it's therapeutic. What do I know after all. I'm just a tiki bartender, right? Take care of yourselves friends, and keep shaking.

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16 juin 2020

What a good idea


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