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Dec. 2 Scrooge McDaiq

There are many things about the holiday season which bring to mind joy and celebration, laughter and cheer. Charles Dickens even wrote "There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor." I like to look at cocktails the same way, always finding myself asking "If it's not fun, then what's the point?"

Hello my most thirsty readers, and welcome to the second day of our winter wonderland extravaganza. A Christmas Carol always holds a special place in my heart and probably yours. With so many versions over the years, there's pretty much going to be one where everybody can relate in some way. It's no surprise my earliest experience with this old Victorian tale was with the same one released the year of my birth.


Disney's Mickey's Christmas Carol first aired in 1983. A lot of really cool stuff happened that year, including the release of A Christmas Story, Sally Ride becoming he first American woman in space, and the birth of your very own Shaker of Spirits. I absolutely loved this version of the old tale, and I'm pretty sure I watched it so many times, my parents never want to see it again, even to this day. Like all adaptations, it tells the tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck) and his transformation from miserable penny-pincher to warm-hearted philanthropist. After being visited by three spirits in the night, he vows to keep Christmas warm in his heart, never uttering his infernal "Humbug" again.

I'm hearing a lot of "Humbug" this year. Apparently, a lot of people aren't too happy with the current state of things. Well you know what? Neither is anyone. We've never had a Christmas season quite like this, but if you're reading this right now, you're probably doing better than so many. Perhaps we should be a bit more thankful.

If there was ever a time when we needed a large helping of cheer in our lives, its right now. This virus continues to change the way we live our lives, and that means missing out on seeing our families and friends for the holidays. I'm guessing some of you could really use a drink to wash away those woes. A Christmas Carol is often seen as the "bones" of the modern Christmas archetype, so why not look to the cocktail with the same feel, the "bones" of every refreshing tropical libation, that beautiful marriage of rum, lime, and sugar. I'm speaking of non other than the Daiquiri! Let's shake up a few of this one, so full of wintry spice, it could even warm the heart of the coldest Scrooge out there.


Scrooge McDaiq

1oz El Dorado 3-year (Feel free to change up the rum, but it should be something light and mild.)

1oz Coruba Dark

.5oz Vanilla Syrup

.75oz Lime Juice

.75oz Orange Juice

Cocktail Coupe

Shake and strain.

Garnish with orchid and freshly grated nutmeg.

*With all of the holiday cheer surrounding us, it's always good to keep in mind how much we consume. This cocktail, though not as strong as most of my libations, has the tendency to go down a little too easy. Don't forget, there's still rum in there.*


"God bless us, everyone!" I'm hoping these drinks give you the same cheer as Tiny Tim himself. As for me, I should probably get myself into work. This season is certainly not lacking with things to do. I'll be back tomorrow, same time, same station, same winter flavors. Keep yourself warm at home, and now, more than ever, keep shaking.


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