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"Even for a son of House Targaryen, there are always dangers in approaching a dragon." It would appear, not everyone can simply climb upon the winged-beast of legend, and ride it gloriously into battle. Why have we always been so fascinated by these creatures?

Hello again my thirsty readers, and thank you for joining me on another nerd-venture in cocktails. As I mentioned last time, I've been putting together some fun cocktails themed on the world of Westeros, since the premiere of House of the Dragon on HBO. I'd have to say, my favorite part of this new prequel series has to be the addition of many many more dragons!


For generations, the House of Targaryen had used dragons to keep their enemies at peace, and their subjects loyal. In the first series, it was amazing to see Daenerys ride on one for the first time, being the first to do so in more than a century. She used her dragons to defeat every army she went against. Even though it's a fantasy series, it's still strangely satisfying to see a character wield such absolute power. On the other hand, thinking about that power in certain hands can also make one uneasy.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about a certain orange fellow (I guess that attribute could make him pass for a fantasy character) withholding certain documents from the very government he was once sworn to "serve." I try not to speak of things I'm not qualified to, but it's hard to hold back at times. If you've followed my page long enough, you probably remember my "Stay Angry and Keep Shaking" period, when the actions of our Cheeto in Chief made so many of us lose our minds and question reality. Let's just be happy he never had access to a dragon.

I tend to direct my anger towards that particular figure, mostly because he's one big easy target, but there are some truly despicable people still lurking around, long after his sad departure. It feels like there is such a strong divide in the world, where one side wants to marginalize everyone who isn't them, sometimes even to their own detriment. My heart hangs heavy, when I think about this, but then I remember how many opportunities I'm given to brighten the days of others. Before I go on another rant, let's have a cocktail fit for a true dragonrider warrior.



1oz Herradura Cristalino Añejo Tequila

.75oz Amaro Averna

.5oz Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur

1oz Cocchi Rosa

4 dashes Peychaud's Bitters

Mezcal Spritz (I used Del Maguey Vida)

Cocktail Coupe

Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe.

Spritz with mezcal

Express orange peel and rest on rim.


Well, my thirsty friends, it's time to take the shakers into your own hands. Don't let my words fool you into thinking it's all doom and gloom in the world. We can still have our own little vacations at home from time to time. Escapism is the best medicine after all. Until next time, roll through life with that smile on you face, drink in your hand, and keep shaking.


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